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Partner with Fmc Lending New Branch Opportunities   Multi Program Branch Platform

- 1st Alternative Lending Branch 

- Stated Income Is Back!

- Residential Commercial Land     - 7 Day Close on All Loans

- 24 hour underwriting approval

- Same day pricing quotes              - Up to 5 points per loan!  

- Keep conventional seperate

Partner with Fmc Lending- The First Alternative Lending Branch Program


In today's mortgage world, having the right tools at your disposal is essential to success. Fmc Lending's branch recruitment program is developed to empower mortgage professionals to step up to a multi program lending platform with ease. In this market it is essential to be diversified with many lending products. Each branch is set up to capture multiple streams of revenue through alternative lending products.  A diverse, and well capitalized parent company with Subpime Banking and Private Lending roots gives you the financial strength, stability, and commitment that is crucial in today's lending environment.

Looking For a New Branch Opportunity?

Fmc Lending's Multi Product Lending Brach is the right choice. Join us today, and experience Our continued stability and advancement allows us to offer competitive rates and a wide variety of loan programs to meet all of your clients' mortgage needs. As a FMC branch, you will have access to all of the resources and benefits that we have to offer.

•You are the direct lender -- not the middle man
•More investor options = more competitive pricing
•Online pricing, locking, and eligibility engine
•New Wholesale Automated Portal for 24/7 pricing and pipeline pricing access
•FMC University training program ensures that you and your team have the tools to grow and thrive
•Full-service, best-in-class operations support team with efficient and expeditious underwriting

•No NMLS needed on many programs, bonus you keep conventional seperate!

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